Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Other foods I eat.

This is where I will be posting pics of other things I eat for the weekly food posts so you can see pics. Will post more as I go.
Chicken, Mushroom, onion, and spinach Stir Fry (build your own bowl, I dont get carb) from Lo-Cal Cafe
Steamed Asparagus. (pam in pan, put in pan, sprinkle with season salt, pour about 3/4c water in, cover and cook for 10 min with lid on.)

Garlic Chicken

Spinach Chips / Chocolate Lovers Dream

Some snacks. Spinach chips. take fresh spinach. Lightly spray pam on baking sheet. Lay down spinach. Spray with pam lightly, then lightly sprinkle with salt. bake for 2-4 minutes until crispy on about 425 degrees. YUM! An entire bag of spinach is 40cals 4g protein.

Fruit with Chocolate Lovers Dream (peanut butter mixed with coco powder. Like nutella) I also did it on a piece of toast. 2tbsp is 170 cals 6g protein. better nutritional value than nutella, tastes better too.

Monday, January 23, 2012

170's Woo Hoo!!

So today I finally hit the 170s! I'm 179.4  I have offically lost 113 pounds in almost 13 months. (1/27/12 is 13 months)  I only have 4 more pounds until I meed my goal of 175.4. YAY! I end is so near. Can't believe it sometimes. Now I just have my skin issue to deal with. Im working on getting my insurance to get the removal surgery covered. Not an easy feat. What are you eating this week? Try any new recipes??

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chicken Rollatini with Spinach Alla Parmigiane

8 chicken breasts (pounded thin)         1/2c Italian Breadcrumbs
                                 1/4c Grated Parmesan Cheese             6 tbsp egg whites
                                 5oz Frozen Spinach (thawed)               6 tbsp part skim ricotta cheese
                                 6oz mozzarella shredded                      

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. In bowl combine breadcrumbs and 2tbsp parmesian cheese. In seperate bowl mix 1 1/2 mozzarella, and remaining parmesan, 2tbsp egg white, and rocatta. in small dish pour remaining egg whites. Spread about 2tbsp of spinach/cheese mixture on each chicken. Roll chicken and dip in egg then in breadcrumb mixture. Place chicken seam side down in a baking dish that was sprayed with pam. Bake 25 minutes. Remove from oven and top with bit of cheese and marinara. (I used cheese. forgot marinara) bake again until cheese melted.

Low Calorie Taco Soup

Found this recipe on Pinterest. Here it goes. About a cup is 86 calories 8.9g carbs 1.4g fat 8.5g protein
My toppings choices total 110 calories 8carbs 3.9g fat 10g protein. SO a GRAND TOTAL of 196 calories 18.6g protein.

1 pound lean ground beef                                     1 can tonato sauce (15oz can)
2 cans petite diced tomatoes (28oz cans)              1 can corn
Taco Seasoning                                                    2 cans kidney beans (15oz cans)
Minced Garlic

Brown ground beef, onion, and garlic. Mix 1 cup of warm water with taco seasoning. Drain and rinse beans. (easiest in collander). Pour all ingredents into soup pot. Bring to boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Serve with your choice of chips, salsa, sour cream, cheese, etc

Fast food and other Resturants

Ok, So me and my kids go to mall every Tuesday and we get lunch at the Chinese resturant and let the kids play in play area. You cant really do healthy at Chinese so if I dont bring my lunch, I will order bourban chicken with sauce on side and eat that, sometimes I get a salad with that chicken too. just sprinkle a little of sauce on top. Whole chicken order about 320 calories 63g protein. (with just a bit of sauce) No noodles or rice. cant eat them anyways. 
McDonalds. Ill get the Southwestern Chicken Salad Grilled with no dressing. The mixture they put on top has some dressing in it and that works just fine. I only eat about 1/4 to 1/2 of the salad and the whole chicken breast. Salad is 110 calories 6g protein and Chicken is 120 calories 24g protein so Normally I eat about 200 calories 30g protein. I make sure I try to get as much as the cheese as I can. use the lid as my bowl. If you are really craving something fried or in the car I will order the Southwestern Chicken Sandwich no bun. 280 calories 14g protein With bun is 430 calories WOW! You could also order the McChicken no bun no mayo and would only be about 180 calories 14g protein.The SW is extremely moist, helps my band.
Taco Bell I love the Chicken Fresco Tacos. The salsa they put on them is Great. I get hard shell. Cant eat the soft. 1 is normally enough for me. crunchy chicken fresco is 150 cals 6g protein The steak chunchy is 180 cals 8g protein. Soft shell is 150cals Im currently looking at the nutrition info on their website. Great idea to make lists of things you can order at each you may stop by.  Here is McDonalds 
Sit down resturants are harder sometimes. Me and my husband went to a resturant about a month ago and EVERYTHING on menu was fried, slathered in butter, and on 4 inch thick bread. uhhh. Remember just because you order a salad it most likely will be just as bad as ordering what you really want unless you doctor it. Ask for dressing on side, You dont need all they give you, ask for no crutons, grilled not fried. etc. You can easly cut 600-700 calories that way. If you know in advance you can search their website or google healthy options for different foods. doesnt have alot by has the places listed by name and gives healthy alternative.  When ordering something other than salad, ask to be cooked without butter or oils. that cuts calories big time. 
Im just going to throw this out there but In Edwardsville, IL on Main Street across from court house is the Lo-Cal Cafe. Don and Evonne have reinvented the resturant. Just as the name says everything is low calorie, healthy, and tasty! They have weekly meal plans that you can pick up frozen healthy meals on monday and have them ready for lunches or dinners. They also have classes on certain nights of the week. I recoment everyone checks it out.
This looks like a good start to healthy eating,,20429722,00.html  here is another  and another

What to order at Starbucks

Ok, I promise you can go to Starbucks and not drink all of your daily calories. What I normally get. Lately I have been getting a Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte with 1 sweet n low, extra shot of expresso and steamed to 130 degrees (I dont like it really hot) It is 105 calories and 10g protein.    If you are a tea drinker the Tea Misto is good. They no longer carry it but to order you ask for a Grande Tea Latte no syrup, fat free steamed milk (to 130 of course :-) ) with 2 bags of Awake Tea and 2 sweet n lows. 120 calories 12g protein. I always thought it was weard that the British add milk to their tea, but it is actually really good. If you like the frozen drinks, I have been known to order the Tall Light Vanilla Frappuccino 130 calores 3g protein. or a  Tall Light Java Chip Frappuccino with shot of expresso. This has chocolate chips in it. yum! 150 calories 4g protein. You could even get away with ordering a short instead of tall. These really fill me up. Almost cant finish. Almost ;-)  Remember to always ask for fat free milk (you cant taste difference when mixed with something) and sugar free syrups. If you forgo the syrups you save a TON more calories. Sometimes I order my skinny latte without the syrup and just get 2 sweet n lows. Now my regular old coffee Im sipping tastes horrable, I want a latte.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


This is one of those things that really irks me. Just because I chose to have WLS does not mean I took the easy way out. Does not mean I just sit on my but and lose weight becuase the band does it for me. IF it did everyone would do it. There is a reason you have to have a mental evaluation before you have the surgery to make sure you are aware it is a lifestyle change, that you will eat right, and exercise. My band is just another tool in my weight loss. Just like a treadmill, food scale, my food log, weight machines. You could have the surgery and NEVER lost any weight. You have to do the work. You have to make the right food choices. I choose to eat little to no fat in foods, I choose to eat little to no carbs, I choose to eat the lowest caloric foods I can. I choose to KILL MYSELF at the gym EVERYDAY. I could sit at home on my couch and eat a whole bag of my favorite chips. Instead If I CHOOSE to indulge on my favorite, I only put the correct serving size in a bowl and eat only that. Even if I want more. 7 chips for 140 calories is no laughing matter when you only eat 800-900 calories in a day. Not MEAL like some people, DAY!!! I made my own success. My band has just helped me along.  
Sorry if I sound like a bitch, just something that really agervates me. Here are some great links that goes along with this.

More drabbles from me

Ok. I put together a list I forgot to add last post. Or things I wanted to expand on. So if I repeat myself sorry. It is important.
Motivation Find someone who motivates you. Someone to help you on your way. When I first started out, I was wondering around like a lost puppy. So I found some other WLS patients on Youtube. My favorite is BandedWendy. The link to her chanell is on my links page. I learned everything from her. She is my WLS HERO!! Reciently I have added a few band patients on my facebook. We share recieps or hardships. When one of us has a victory or big day, we share together. Can always find some motivation. You can always find someone who has lost weight to ask questions but if you have a band specific issue, it is always nice to have someone who understands in your corner. When my band got extremely tight when the temp dropped a month or so, I turned to my banded friends. I was freaked out. They helped me so much. I feel I owe them.

Distractions When I first started exercising at the gym, I found myself bored or not physically able to keep going. (doing cardio) So I pulled up my youtube and watched BandedWendy videos. Told myself I couldnt quit until she quit talking. So when I could easly do 1 video, I moved to 2 videos. Soon I had no problem doing a hour straight. Still today, I will read books on my phone. Helps move time faster. Or Ill watch something on the TV that is on the machine. When I dont have my earbuds, I read the captions. Keeps you even more distracted.

Exercise Since im on that train, Ill keep going. I used to be intimidated to work out in front of everyone at the gym. But we all are there for the same reason. To get fit and healthy. I didnt want people seeing my fat ass saying wtf is she doing. But I realized, they dont look at you that way, they have the mind set, good for her, she is doing something to help herself. Yea, there will be assholes that are like that, but screw them. Show them what you can do!! haha. Another thing is the weight room. Was so intimidated because it was always full of these big buff body builders. I met with a personal trainer to change up my routein and she pushed me in there. Now, I love it! Those guys are the greatest. It is normally the same guys since I go at the same time everyday. You get to know each other. If you have a question about something or how to work a certain muscle, they jump right in to help you. Then argue on the best way to do it. Crazy men!! Don't be afraid of what others think, it will only hold you back. Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to be a better you. (dont forget to stretch either) I have had some injuries because of to much exercise and not enough stretching. Had to stop running because I had overusage of a muscle in my hip. 6 months later, and I still cant do what I was. Also it helps you get lean muscles instead of bulky muscles.

Food Log I know I mentioned this before but I think this is VERY important. Keeps you on track. Wether you do it in a notebook or electronically. Just do it!

Weekly Pictures/Measurements This helped me alot. I could physically see the differences week to week. I now look back at pictures from the begining and am amazed at what I have accomplished. I can also use my measurements to see how many inches I have lost.

Eating ok I could go on about this forever. But I will just share a few tips and will do a post later just on this. I like soups, but with the broth you get extra calories, and it makes the food move quicker through the band. I drain off most of the broth off my soups. Then it is more filling and less cals. win win. Remember DO NOT DRINK DURING OR 45 MINUTES AFTER EATING. Even if you dont have band, it is a rule to follow. It flushes out your stomach and makes you hungry. Fast food. ok, just because you are on the run, doesnt mean you cant eat healthy. I will do a full post soon on what I order at different resturants. Just remember your calorie goals, and do according to that. Im a boredom eater. So if I am bored I just automatically grab something to eat, So now I try to grab some gum. just something to chew and keep my mouth busy. Also remember if you feel hungry, you could be thirsty. If you are exercising like you should be remember that your muscles need the water to heal and work.

Excess Skin Uhh the dreded excess skin. I have tons of it. HATE IT! But I worked for that excess skin. it used to be filled with fat. So, I guess, it is a good thing. (saying that hurts, just so you know!) Not everyone gets it. There are those out there that have lost more than I have and were bigger that dont, just depends on your genetics and stuff. Dont ask me how that works, I have no clue. I do plan on getting it removed at some point. It is your personal choice on what to do.

Discouragment  (is that a word?) dont let other discourage you. Ill go out with my friends and ill hear are you serously eating that? or is that all you are going to eat? just answer with a simple Yup! Or they will order the greasiest fattening thing on the menu. Do I want it? Hell yes I do, but do I eat it no. It is hard, you have had these eating habits engrained in you for so long, that is why you, I, got fat. It is not easy, but your hard work will pay off.

Fat Again Do I fear getting fat again? That is a Big Fat YES! That is why I work so hard to prevent that. That is why I kill myself at the gym. That is why I eat this instead of that. It terrifies me. I yoyo'd for so long. I WILL NOT GO BACK TO THAT. That is another reason I like my before/after picture. I am so discusted with myself. How could I let mysef get that big. Granted, I have medical issues that make me starving ALL THE TIME, and I dont process food the same as others. That is why I was as big as I was. But I also made horrible choices. It is alot better now, but I still have days or weeks that I am starving all day. Just have to make wise choices now.

Cant exercise off bad eating choices Remember that. If you want a slice of pizza, fine, great! Just remember that when you grab that 3rd or 4th slice, that 1 you are overfilling your stoma, and 2 no matter how many calories your burnt off at the gym that day, you can fix that. Are there days, when I just give into my eternal fat girl and pig out, HELL YES I do. but I remember that I made the bad decisions when I see a gain the next day or 2.

What do i count When logging my food, I really only count calories and protein. It is so important that we get our protein in. Remember Protein first. So If I choose low calorie high protein, my carbs will automatically low. carbs drive up your calories. I have a daily goal of 800-950 calories a day. And the womens daily protein requirement is 60g a day. So I try to meet that. Some days, I dont get that in, but its ok. Just try harder the next day.

Rewards/Goals Set goals. They are important. Gives you something to push for. I used to set goals to meet a certain weight by certain date. (remember to be reasonable about it) And it is ok not to meet them. as long as you do meet them eventually. Sometimes our bodies just want a break. If you meet a big goal, reward yourself. Yes, meeting the goal is a reward in itself, but sometimes it is good to give yourself a little extra. When my calves shrunk enough to fit in boots, you better believe I went out and bought myself some hot ass boots! etc etc you get it.

You are a success Dont discount your successes. Dont say I ONLY lost 20 pounds. I only lost 40, 50 etc. YOU lost 20 pounds!!! That is great! You are x amount pounds lighter than you were before. I have to catch myself sometimes. I do think. I only lost 110 by my 1 year mark, wanted it to be more, but HELLO!! 1 year ago I was almost 300 pounds, not 180s.

Mental Game This is as much a mental game as a physical one. Not only are you pushing your body, but you are fighting a mental battel. Do I eat this or that, can I skip the gym today. I never had the motivation to do this before. Once I got my band something clicked in my brain. I got my mental game on!! Now get yours!

To tell or not to tell That is the question. Do you tell people you had surgery? That is a personal decision you must make. I do tell people, I dont just blurt it out but when someone askes "how did you do it" ( I hate that question by the way) I will tell them That I had had the band but I feel the need to expand on it. I always say, I had the band done, but it only controlls portion controll. I eat only low calorie foods and exercise everyday. I feel like people look down on wls patients. The band is completely different than bypass. Not to discredit their successes, they are amazing too, but the band is harder to lose weight. That is a benifit and curse of it. You can still eat the same as you did before and not exercise and not lose any weight. Just the fact of the matter. Losing weight is not easy. No matter which way you do it. I plan on doing a post about this too.

Fills/stucks Fills are what makes your band work. you can find some great videos on what exactly happens when you get a fill. I did alot of research before my first fill. I was scared. but once I got it, I realized there was nothing to be scared of. Didnt even hurt. Remember it may take a couple of fills to feel restriction. That is normal. So, with fills, you will get "Stucks" . That is when you eat something you arent supposed to or dont chew somethin as good as you should, or something you just cant handle, and it gets stuck in your band. Im not going to lie, the first time you get a stuck or even times after, it will scare the crap out of you. I still get scared sometimes. I always think is this the time that it wont clear. And man does it hurt. Mine feels like the food is stuck in my sternum. The breast bone in the center. DO NOT try to drink or eat anything if you have a stuck. It will make it worse. I have found Paypia Enzime. They are chewable pills. I take 4-5 of them and it helps digest the food that is stuck there. They take longer than some others, but works. I have tried regular old digestive enzimes. I had the capsule kind. I opened it up and poured about half on a licks worth of applesauce and ate it. Hurt even worse for about 3 seconds then it was instant relief. If it doesnt fix on its own, you have to go in and get an unfill. If that doesnt work then surgery.Remember you can have issues from them. When my band tightened when it got cold here, I had a stuck everytime I ate. Didnt matter what it was. After a while my stomach got irritated and swelled, which made everything worse. I got an small unfill and it was like magic. I have never been so happy to eat before in my life!!  Things I cant eat. Bread, comes and goes. Sometime I can eat a few bites and sometimes even the smallest nibble will get me. The crunchier the better. sticky noodles or rice. big no no for me. mashed potatoes, nope, dont go there. Cod. I know that is weard. No matter how it is cooked, just cant do it. I dont understand it. snap peas. that is another one. Some things your body just doesnt tollerate. You will learn, and as you get more fills things will change. There are things you could eat before and cant now. Just remember to chew chew chew.

Food amounts There are days I read what people eat and feel like a cow. Remember not everyone can eat the same amounts. Some may have more or less in their band, that makes a big difference. There are days, I can eat a lot in one sitting, and some Ill have a few bites and be full. Just the way it is. Dont let it get to you. There are things im mentioning in this post I still have to work on, but I know I have to work on them, so that helps me work on it.

NSV Non Scale Victories. These are great! These are goals or victories that have nothing to do with your scale. Like the boots. or my first time wearing skinny jeans. Or the fact that im being hit on left and right. (great feeling!!) Fitting into something that I did in highschool, or that same things now being to big. my first 5k. Getting a better time on my second 5k. Embrase these! Just another thing to keep you motivated.

Ok. im going to shut up now. Sorry for they typos. Im just typing away before I lost my train of thought. If you have any questions or just want to say something about this please comment. Like I said, I plan on doing more posts about what I eat, things I order at different places, starbucks, my daily exercise, and peoples view on wls. Thanks for reading. Hope this helps you.

Friday, January 20, 2012

10 Rules of the Band

10 Important Rules

Here are ten rules for eating, drinking, and exercise that will help you get the best results you can with the lap band. How willing you are to follow a new way of eating is key to making your lap band operation a success.
  • Eat only three small meals a day.
  • Eat slowly and chew thoroughly (approximately 15 to 20 times a bite).
  • Stop eating as soon as you feel full.
  • Do not drink while you are eating.
  • Do not eat between meals.
  • Eat only good quality foods.
  • Avoid fibrous food.
  • Drink enough fluids during the day.
  • Drink only low-calorie liquids.
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

Rule 1: Eat only three small meals a day

Lap band surgery creates a small stomach pouch that can hold only about half a cup (3 to 4 ounces) of food. If you try to eat more than this at one time you may become nauseous. You may also vomit. If you routinely eat too much, the small stomach pouch may stretch. That will cancel the effect of the lap band operation. Frequent vomiting can also cause certain complications, such as stomach slippage. You need to learn how much your stomach pouch can hold comfortably and then not exceed this amount.

Rule 2: Eat slowly and chew thoroughly

Food can pass through the new stoma only if it has been "chopped" into very small pieces. Always remember to take more time for your meals and chew your food very well.

Rule 3: Stop eating as soon as you feel full

Once your stomach is full, your body receives a signal that you have eaten enough. It takes time, though, for you to become aware of this signal. If you hurry your meal, you may eat more than you need. This can lead to nausea and vomiting. Take time over your meal. Try to recognize the feeling of fullness. Then stop eating at once.

Rule 4: Do not drink while you are eating

The lap band operation can work only if you eat solid food. If you drink at mealtimes, the food you have eaten becomes liquid. Then the effectiveness of the lap band is greatly reduced. You should not drink anything for one to two hours after a meal. That way you can keep the feeling of fullness as long as possible.

Rule 5: Do not eat between meals

After a meal do not eat anything else until the next meal. Eating snacks between meals is one of the major reasons for weight loss failure. It is very important to break this habit. (I DO HAVE 2 SMALL SNACKS. TRY TO KEEP IT UNDER 150 CALORIES BUT NORMALLY UNDER 100)

Rule 6: Eat only good quality foods

With the lap band in place, you should be able to eat only a small amount. So the food you eat should be as healthy as possible. Do not fill your small stomach pouch with "junk" food that lacks vitamins and other important nutrients. Your meals should be high in protein and vitamins. Fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, and cereals are good foods to choose. Foods high in fat and sugar are not. You may eat apples and oranges, but try to avoid orange juice and apple juice. Ask your lap band doctor or dietitian before you take any vitamin supplements.
Note: Solid food is more important than liquid food. The lap band will have little or no effect if you eat only liquid food. Liquid food passes through the stomach outlet very quickly and does not make you feel full.

Rule 7: Avoid fibrous food

Food such as asparagus that contains many fibers can block the stoma. That's because you can't chew this food well enough to break it up into small pieces and your saliva can't break it down. Fibrous food should be avoided. If you would like to eat asparagus or other fibrous foods once in a while, then you must be sure to cook them well, cut them into very small pieces first and then chew thoroughly.

Rule 8: Drink enough fluids during the day

You will need to drink large amounts of liquid every day in order to urinate more and excrete these waste products from your body. Individual needs will vary, but you should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. Remember: you should only drink water, tea, or coffee (without milk or cream and sugar). Also keep your food and drinks completely separate during the day.

Rule 9: Drink only low-calorie liquids

Drinks including those containing calories simply run through the narrow outlet created by the lap band. If you drink liquids high in calories, you will lose little weight, even if you otherwise follow your diet.

Rule 10: Exercise at least 30 minutes a day

Since physical exercise consumes energy and bums calories, it is very important to successful weight loss. Exercise can help improve your general health. Your size may make it hard for you to exercise as much as you should. But get started, even if it is a little at first. The more weight you lose, the easier it should get. Start with simple exercises, such as walking and swimming. Gradually expand your program to include more vigorous forms of exercise such as cycling, jogging, and aerobics.
Increase your activity level in the course of daily living. For example stand rather than sit, walk rather than stand, be outside rather than inside, walk rather than drive, climb the stairs rather than use the elevator, etc. Always check with your lap band doctor about the amount and type of exercise that is best for you.
Note: Although these rules restrict your food intake and the types of food you are able to eat, make sure to keep your diet as varied and balanced as possible.

Also different set.
The Basic Lap-Band Rules1. Eat only three main meals a day, plus two planned snacks.
2. Eat slowly, taking pea-sized bites, and chew thoroughly until your food is a mushy
3. Stop eating as soon as you feel restriction from the band. This will feel different from the
“full” sensation you had prior to your surgery.
4. Do not drink with meals, or for one full hour after eating.
5. Do not eat between meals, or planned snacks.
6. Eat a variety of high quality nutritional foods.
7. Consume recommended amounts of fiber daily.
8. Drink 64-100 ounces of non-caloric fluids between meals.
9. Do not drink carbonated beverages of any kind.
10. Exercise 30-60 minutes on most days.

Things I have learned or just stuff for new banders

Ill start at the clothing aspect since I was just purging my closet. That is the greatest feeling getting rid of clothes that don't fit, because they are to big now instead of to small. Over my journey there are some things that are clothing related that I didn't think about before. Like I never considered I would need smaller underware. HELLO!!!haha Also my shoe size shrunk 2 1/2-3 sizes. REALLY??? never knew I had fat feet. Guess I did. I loved stocking up on smaller clothes and trying them on every few weeks. I liked seeing the difference, and when they finally fit it would be a happy day in my house!

Accountabilty I have found that it helps to keep everyone updated on my blog and facebook on my progress. I feel it keeps me accountable. If I start gaining weight, people are going to be like WTF Erin?? It just helps me.

Food Log Along side exercise I feel this is one of the most important things I do. I record everything that goes in my mouth. If I dont know how many calories is in it, I look it up first. It keeps me on track with my daily calorie goals. I dont feel I would be even close to where I am without it. I use DailyBurn You can track your eaten calories, calories burned, weight, etc. You can get motivators that can help you along. Join challenges and groups with people like you. I use it online but mostly on my phone as an app. There are tons out there, find the one that works best for you.

Food since we are on the food subject, ill just stay there. I have completely reinvented the way I eat. I stick in my 900 calorie limit (for the most part). I have found that even though I eat so few calories, I still stay full because I pick such low calorie foods. DONT deny yourself something you really want. You can have something "bad" just remember moderation. If you dont allow yourself things, your will gorge yourself and later regret it. UHH I HATE resturants. Not all of them have healthy options. And when they do, they still arent healthy. A salad that is 1500 calories??? REALLY!! no, order fat free or low fat dressing, no crutons, grilled chicken rather than fried. I have found a place I love, The LO-Cal Cafe in Edwardsville, Il. Great food and it is all low calories. They even have premade foods you can get for lunches or for quick dinners.
Keep low cal staples in the house for snacking. I always have low fat cottage cheese and light cheese sticks. ALWAYS! Hummus on veggies is good too. you can check out some of my food posts. People have noticed my new Starbucks addiction. Ill do a post soon on some great things you can order that are still good. get fat free milk instead of their normal. cuts calories majorly! My favorite drink. Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte with extra expresso shot and 1 sweet n low. about 100 calories and 10g protein. better than some 800-900 drinks that taste the same. Ask for sugar free syrups. Enough of that or I will make this my starbucks post. haha I plan on posting my food more often. maybe do a weekly post of all my food for the week. You can also check my dailyburn daly. So, how do I cook? I broil most all my meats I cook. I also bake and grill. I rarely ever fry anything. Even hamburgers. If a recipe calls for pan frying something, I use a bit of Pam and do it that way. about 100 less calories than using olive oil. Ill do more food posts later.

Exercise I have always liked exercisng. I have tons of bone issues that make it hard for me, but I dont use that as an excuse. Most of the time I push through it all. The only way to do it for me. consult your dr for what you should do. I normally exercise 5-7 days a week. Normal is 6 days. about 45 min to 1hour 15 min. sometimes more. Had to cut back with my pain issues, but I still go. It is not an excuse for me. I prefer to go in the mornings. If I dont go or go later, I am like a crack addict going through witdraws. Im all shaky and cant sit still. crazy times. Even if I dont make it to the gym, I make myself more active. Every night when I make dinner I plug my ipod into the speakers and me and kids dance like crazy while I cook. Give me and kids exercise and it is fun!!

Im sure im leaving things out. I can always to a continuation post. Remember your band rules you recieved from your surgeon. They are IMPORTANT!! If you dont have them, find them. Ill post in a bit. Gotta get kids out of bath. My bathroom floor is soaked!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spinach Burgers

So tonight I plan on making these spinach burgers. look good huh??
So here is the recipe.
1 bag of thawed and well drained chopped spinach
1/3 cup of egg whites
2 tbsp dried onion
1/2 c shredded cheese (fat free cheddar)
1/2 c bread crumbs
1/2 tsp garlic powder

Mix well in a bowl. Now, form into burger-sized patties. (or you can do spinach balls)
Heat a non stick skillet over med-high. Spray with a bit of cooking spray. Cook for 4-6 minutes each side.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size1 burger
Number of Servings4
Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat0
Total Fat0.4 g
   Saturated Fat0 g
   Trans Fat0 g
   Polyunsaturated Fat0 g
   Monounsaturated Fat0 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium430 mg
Potassium60 mg
Total Carbohydrate15 g
   Dietary Fiber3 g10 %
   Sugars3 g
   Other Carbs0 g
Protein10.5 g21 %
Vitamin A75 %
Vitamin C3 %
Calcium12 %
Iron6 %
Got the recipe from I did change it up a bit